Exiting Palazzo Patrizia

Hi All/Ciao a Tutti,

I was having some fun with a short video I took while exiting my palazzo via the stairs, all 122 (!) of them, and the thought occurred to me to share it in this week's blog.

Some quick info about my place, it's called Palazzo Tempi and you may have seen it before, since the palazzo tends to be in the background of photos of the Ponte Vecchio. Also, it's directly across the Arno (in the Oltrarno) from the famed Uffizzi Gallery. My apartment sits at the top in what is actually an attic apartment, however I like to refer to it as the Penthouse at Palazzo Patrizia - PPP. (wink) 

Palazzo Tempi, ahem, Patrizia has been around since the 16th century and has been owned by some notable and influential people, including members of the famed Medici family. The splendid stone facade with its "bugnato" (stone in relief) is considered a classic example of late Medieval Florentine architecture, and is preserved as an historical monument.  

But I digress.....here's a peak into my typical departure from the palazzo, which is actually not typical at all, but an event each time I leave. Hope you enjoy! Buon Weekend & Big Love, PatriciaG