Hi! Ciao!

My name is Patricia Geremia and I live mostly in New York City, and part time in Firenze (Florence), Italia. 

I'm available for commissioned photography work. Contact me using the form below. 

My love for taking photographs began over 20 years ago on my inaugural trip to Italy. Perhaps it was the air, or the architecture, or the vino, or the shift in my vision from being outside of my comfort zone and in a foreign land. Maybe it was everything combined. That first click of the camera ignited a desire in my heart to capture the miracle when special moments are created. It was a defining moment that initiated what I now call “Happy Heart Patricia."

My work features my love for architecture, food, nature, street photography, NYC, Italy and capturing random moments in life that are visually powerful and reveal the beauty and soul of our world. My desire is for people to be nurtured, inspired and moved by my images. I hope to show that we are all connected in this world and that our similarities outshine our differences. 

All of my Fine Art Photo Prints and Photo Notecards for sale are prepared by me, with special attention and love. 


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